About Us

Taylor Made Sanitation Service, Inc. is a locally ran family owned business, our main focus is you the customer. We strive to keep you satisfied by providing excellent service built on integrity, dependability, and respect. We do not believe in amassing individuals as numbers, we sincerely want to ensure each member involved with our organization has a pleasant and fulfilling experience. We at Taylor Made Sanitation understand the value of our customers and we will never lose sight of that fact.

Our Mission

The mission of Taylor Made Sanitation is to meet the current and future needs of the customers it serves, by providing quality and dependable sanitation/recycling services. The service we provide will be reliable, high quality, cost effective and delivered in a responsive, respected and customer-friendly manner. The company will judiciously manage its assets and finances, effectively plan for future operations, protect the environment, and maintain the public trust and confidence at all times.

Our Vision

Taylor Made Sanitation is committed to protecting public health and safety while providing reliable and competent service rendered with professionalism, which mirrors our Company’s mission statement:

Taylor Made Sanitation is committed to providing waste management services of the highest quality, delivered with pride and dedication to our customers, utilizing environmentally sensitive equipment that is safe, efficient, reliable, and appropriate to the work performed. During the execution of our mission, we intend to provide and maintain the best possible work environment for our employees, fully cooperate with all governing and regulating agencies, and do our part to create a strong professional rapport between our organization and the communities we serve.

The people who make up Taylor Made Sanitation are local people with a local interest and vision. Taylor Made Sanitation owners are concerned with their work, their communities, and their industry–and strive to be an integral part of it all. Taylor Made Sanitation does not view itself as being outside of or unaccountable to the individuals, communities, or agencies with which it interacts. Rather, the Company understands it exists only because of an opportunity given to serve the public. Taylor Made Sanitation thrives on proving itself worthy to do so, and chooses to operate in a transparent manner

Our Core Values

The core values of Taylor Made Sanitation are integrity, dependability, respect and concern for people and property, and environmental stewardship.



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