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Dear Valued Customer,

Please read this entire page so you will not have the inconvenience of your trash NOT being removed.

****We reserve the right to refuse service or not pick up items deem excessive!****

To ensure your pick up: Have your trash out the night before your service day no earlier than 6 p.m., OR no later than 6:30 a.m. on your service day. Make sure your trash is visible for our driver, properly covered and not overweight.

There is no set time for services rendered on your service day.

Our services include: household refuse removal we will not dump no more than one Taylor Made container. You may have one additional can, but there is an extra quarterly fee of $40 to do so. You may place up to 5 additional bags beside your container at no additional cost.

All bulky items will be picked up on your service day.

Bulky items include:
White goods such as dryers, small refrigerators, stoves, etc.
Furniture such as mattresses, box springs, couches & love-seats without metal.

We do not remove large refrigerators, washing machines, Treadmills or items weighing more than 75 lbs

We do not remove carpeting or padding, this is considered contract material.

Please do not put large household items out by the curb on your pickup day, these large bulk items will only be picked up by appointment only.  If you have large bulk items for pick-up, please call our office or submit an email with the description of the bulk item a representative will contact you with a scheduled date for pick up.

Yard waste will only be collected from the curb when it is bagged and/or bundled and tied. No branches/limb longer than  4 ft, and no piles larger than 48 X 48. If you have an excessive amount of debris, you will need to call our office and request a special pickup, and you may incur an additional charge.

10 bag limit of leaves per week during fall season (normal size bags).

WE DO NOT REMOVE YARD WASTE SUCH AS: Rocks, Dirt and non-bundled limbs

TAYLOR MADE SANITATION SERVICE, INC. does not remove subcontractor’s trash, building .or remodeling materials. All subcontractors are responsible for the removal of their refuse.

Please do not put any paint or liquids in your trash. We want to leave your property the way we found it.

 **TAYLOR MADE SANITATION SERVICES, INC. observes the following holidays:


If one of these holidays fall on/or before your service day, your service day will be one day late that week. All other holidays, we will operate on a normal schedule.

If a holiday falls on the weekend, your service day will not be affected

Service Days

  • Bradfield Farms and Peach Orchard is: Tuesday
  • Berkshire@Conventry, Caldwell Commons, Hucks Landing, Longfield Commons, Mallard Lake, Prosperity Village Town homes and The Village of Brierfield is: Wednesday
  • Catawba River Plantation, Davis Meadows, Harwood Landing, Lawing Pond, North Lake Landing, Oakdale, Oakdale Village and Primmrose  is: Thursday




You may purchase a recycling bin from TAYLOR MADE SANITATION SERVICE, INC which remains the property and responsibility of the customers for a one-time fee of $20.00 for the 18 gallon bin and $65.00 for the 95 gallon container.
1. Remove the lids; crush plastic soft drink and milk jugs. This will help to conserve space inside of your recycle bin. (Step on them)

2. All glass containers may be recycled. Remember to rinse them out and remove the metal lids before placing the glass in the recycle bin.

3. Spiral paper cans are recyclable. These are the familiar snack and dry beverage containers. Remove the plastic or metal lid and rinse or wipe out any remaining food before placing it in the bin. Recyclable paper cans are round and have metal bottoms with spiral grooves on the inside.

4. Aluminum cans are recyclable. Be sure to empty them before placing them in your bin. Steel or “tin” cans used to package a variety of foods are recyclable too. Rinse or wipe out any remaining food and drop the lid inside of larger ones to save space: NO PAINT CANS!

5. Newspapers and all Inserts are recyclable, so are magazines and catalogues. Place them in a paper bag or tie them ·up and place them UNDER your recycle bin. Place cardboard boxes underneath the recycle bin also, make sure they are broken down and not over length of 3×3 feet.

6. You are not obligated to recycle each week! You may wait until your recycling bin is full before you place it at the curb for collection. Remember, your recycling collection is the same as your curbside trash day. Place your container at curbside, clearly apart from other trash, no later than 6:30 am on your service day. If unauthorized items are in the recycling bin it will be dumped in the garbage truck.


The Following Items are acceptable In the Recycle It Program:

•Aerosol Cans
•Aluminum Cans
•Glass Bottles/Jars
•Juice Boxes
•Milk & Juice Cartons
•Pizza Boxes (NEW)
•Plastics 1-5 & 7
•Spiral Paper Cans
•Steel/Tin Cans

The Following Items are NOT acceptable Recycle It Program:

•Auto Parts
•Bottle Caps Lids
•Bulky Waste
•Light Bulbs
•Mini Blinds
•Paper Plates/Napkins
•Plastics no.6.
•Plastic Bags
•Plastic Food Trays/Cups
•Shredded Paper

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